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Application of Indemnitor for (Defendant's Name)(Required)
Full Name (co-signer)(Required)
Do you possess a bank account?(Required)
Do you possess any credit cards?(Required)

Personal References

Three total are required, they can't be in the same household or a spouse.

I (cosigner)
do hereby promise to pay Lone Star Bail Bonds the sum of $ (total amount of all bail bonds)
and all other costs involved for arrest and or bond forfeiture in the event that (person in jail's name)
violates the condition of his/her bond(s) and/or in the event that he/she does not show up for court dates.

Refundable deposits will be returned when appropriate court disposition records are submitted to Lone Star Bail Bonds. All refundable deposits are automatically lost with any failure to appear or failure to comply with the bond requirements.